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In this new edition, Dr. Shettles provides updates on the support of the Shettles method and information on competing methods. He includes information on the new ovulation-timing technologies and gives recommendations for the proper use of alkaline and acidic douches to enhance both boy and girl methods, and an explanation of the underlying rationale for those methods.

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The BabyCenter

This book is a very thorough review of the best method to INCREASE your odds of conceiving a child of the gender you prefer. Easy to understand language and explanations of why this method works, not just a book which tells you how to conceive your child. I used the book's advice to conceive my oldest daughter, and the advice was accurate in the conception of my 2nd daughter, as well as my 2 sons. The Shettles method worked everytime for me!

Another customer:
This book teaches things about reproduction no doctor will ever tell you. After reading this book 4 years ago my husband and I gave birth the wonderful daughter we had dreamed of. I highly recommend this book!! This book is a "must have" for anyone interested in increasing their chances of having a baby of a particular gender.