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Hollie, a full time mother, September 25, 2004, I wish I could give it 10 stars!!!
This book explains everything from the second you start reading it. I wasn't lost or confused at all. To anyone who wants to choose the sex of a baby this IS the way to go. It gives step by step instructions. BUY THIS BOOK!!!!!!
Sarah and Gary Snow-Brine (snow-brine_gs@prodigy.net), July 26, 2000,
It Really Worked!! We actually already had a girl and a boy, but I really wanted another girl for our last child. I read the entire book twice and made sure I followed all the instructions. Despite the fact that everyone thought we were crazy, we did get our girl...and that's all that matters!!
Robin (mrm_mommy@hotmail.com), a 29 year old Mother in California, May 31, 2000,
I was the mother of 2 boys and decided I could make boys, it was girls I needed help with. Got the book, read it, it was easy reading, very easy to understand and very helpful...15 months later I delivered a healthy baby GIRL! I love this book and recommend it to all!!
Carol, March 1, 2003
It worked! It worked for me!
I read the book very carefully and logically it all made a lot of sense -- if it didn't, I never would have used the methods described here (I'm extremely skeptical!). However, I really wanted a boy -- and I got one! I do believe this method works. (We're trying for a girl next!)

Mindi (Mrsg8ator@aol.com), a 30 year old house wife!!, January 5, 1999
Shettles method really works!!
I am the Mother of 3 healthy children 2 of which are girls, and on our last baby my husband and I really wanted a boy, We had heard of the book'How to choose the sex of your baby' we thought, no way, but everyone I had talked to the used this method got the child of there choice. I had to have 4 ultra sounds with the pregnancy and they were 98% we were going to have another girl, We accepted it but were upset, well on the day of delivery we got the little boy we had both dreamed of having, all thanks to Dr. Shettles and his wonderful book!!