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The Shettles Method: What it is and does it work? How To Choose The Sex Of Your Baby: The Method That Has Stood The Test of Time and Is Best Supported By The Scientific Evidence


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How to Choose The Sex Of Your Baby

The Method That Has Stood The Test of Time and Is Best Supported By The Scientific Evidence

Landrum B. Shettles, M.D., Ph.D.,
and David M. Rorvik


Part One:
Is It Possible? Is It Moral? 1
Nearly 40 Years of Success! 3
Can We Really Choose the Sex of Our Children? Yes! 7
Is It Moral? Should We Do It? Will the World Be Overrun
by—Gasp!—Males? 13
Letters from Nome and Our Results to Date 24

Part Two:
The Emergence of a Scientific Sex-Selection Method 45
Hundreds of Years of Trial and Error (Mostly Error) 47
The “Facts of Life” Revisited (What You Must Know
Before You Attempt Sex Selection) 57
The Shettles Method - How It Developed and
Has Been Refined 66
How Much Scientific Support Is There for the
Shettles Method? 75
Other Sex-Selection Methods: How Do They Compare? 90

Part Three:
How to Use the Shettles Method Successfully 117
First Order of Business: How to Determine the Time
of Ovulation 119
Trying for the Boy—What to Do 150x | Contents
Trying for the Girl—What to Do 166
Questions and Answers 176

Sex Selection in the Near and Distant Future 193
The IOO Most Popular Boy and Girl Names
(And Some Alternatives) 202
Write to Us! 209
Reader Questionnaire 211
Bibliography 221

Index 231

More Than 2 Million Sold Worldwide Now...”

50+ Years of Success!

Fifty years! We find it hard to believe ourselves. For nearly five decades now, prospective parents from Biloxi to Bombay, Chicago to Cape Town, Seattle to Shanghai have been using our method to choose the sex of their children. Millions of people throughout the world have used the Shettles method with consistent good results, making us the past, the present, and, we trust, the future number-one guide to sex selection on the planet.

During those five decades, we have faced plenty of competition and quite a few “imitators” of our method. But as the competition has come and gone, the Shettles method has persisted, fueled primarily by satisfied word of mouth. Were it not for couples who have used our method with success and reported this to their friends and neighbors, we, too, would long since have fallen by the wayside. Failure doesn’t keep anything going for years, let alone 40 years. Only success can do that. And so, to you, our faithful readers, some of whom have used our method to attain not merely one child of the desired sex but two or more, often creating gender-balanced families in the process, we express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

And to those of you completely new to our book and our method, we say Welcome. We are delighted to add you to our ever-growing “family” and trust that you, too, will add to your families the children you
will cherish, whatever their genders.

Since we last revised this book, some other sex-selection methods have come along, both low tech and high tech. We will be talking more about these later on. But, as usual, we have noted that when something “new” is announced in this field, it is often really just a restatement or a variation on components of the Shettles method.

By the same token, findings that sometimes claim to refute the Shettles method generally fail when they are more closely scrutinized or
more thoroughly followed up over longer periods of time. We will provide examples of this later on. We will also tell you about some high-tech methods of sex selection, both old and newly emerging ones, that, unlike the Shettles method, are generally opposed by bioethicists and by the majority of doctors and medical professionals, for reasons we will discuss. We are confident that most couples will continue to find our approach to sex selection the easiest, the most natural, and the most
reliable, as well as the most ethical.

This is the sixth revision of our book since it was first published in April 1970. It contains all of the latest sex-selection data. Our method has been consistently effective and consistently refined over the years to
make it easier and more comfortable for all to use. Our success rate continues to be 75 percent or better for those seeking girls and 80 percent for those who seek boys. And the rate of success is even higher among those who have reported to us on our questionnaires (see later in this book) that they were “highly confident” that they had precisely pinpointed the time of ovulation—a key factor in the Shettles method.

In the pages ahead, you’ll hear from a number of those who have tried the method—and we’ll be answering questions many of you have sent us since our last edition appeared several years ago.

Again, congratulations for joining the sex-selection team that has been getting results in more than twenty countries for fifty years. At a national meeting of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Dr. Shettles was credited with having published “the landmark paper,” in the early 1960s, which made sex preselection a subject that could and should be taken seriously. By having made the decision to investigate and, we hope, use sex selection yourself, you have become part of a landmark effort that we believe will continue to flourish.

Landrum B. Shettles, M.D., Ph.D. and David M. Rorvik

Dear Dr. Shettles:
"We want to thank you for our daughter, but, more than that, we want to thank you for having a healthy baby. We believe that your method enabled us not only to have the daughter we wanted but to get pregnant in the first place. After two miscarriages and no successful past pregnancies, I had about given up until I came across your book. Both my husband and I found it easy to understand and follow and very sensible."

Mrs. L.V., Amman, Jordan


Celebrating 50+ Years In Print... 5 Decades and Going Strong!